Can you see me?

Just open your mind and all will become clear…I’m the dark silhouette standing upon the ledge.

Welcome to the world of author Drew Annese.

Some say that there is a thin line between fantasy and reality, between prologue and epilogue, between sanity and insanity. I truly believe that. From where I stand, that thin line is an actual ledge: a fine line high off the wall where I find myself a literal prisoner.

Word by word and story after story I live life on the edge. Walking on a wire in a pair of slippery shoes, I perceive the world from a slightly different angle than most. And it is from this unique summit that I compose my tales of wisdom fiction for you, my friends.

I have learned to accept my fate. Tried and convicted for the unheard of crime of writing “wisdom fiction” I’ve been banished to this ledge. When I finally opened my mind, I realized someone had closed the window. And now it is up here where you will always find me – right up until the moment when I take that final step and complete my sentence.

So whether you are friend or foe, whether you hold out a net or a camera, I welcome each and every one of you to my ledge of reality. I invite you to stand up here with me, upon the summit of imagination.

One last thing before I go. I suggest you put a net under this page, as I will be updating from time to time, with each new story I climb. For as long as I can keep my balance,  that is. So, will you join me out here?  Are you willing to open your mind and close the window?

If so, please be warned my friend.

It’s a long way down from my ledge of reality.
Drew Annese

I’d love to hear from you. I still get e-mails, even up here.

Contact me: drew@drewannese.com