Look up.  Can you see me now?

I’m the black silhouette standing upon the ledge. Just open your mind and all will become clear.

Some say there is a thin line between fantasy and reality, prologue and epilogue, sanity and genius.  For me that thin line is a ledge, high off the wall where I find myself a literal prisoner, destined to write my unique brand of ‘wisdom fiction’ -tales of morality laced with metaphor and irony. And it is upon this shadowy precipice where I choose to remain.

Story by story, I climb in a pair of very slippery shoes. From up here I view the world from a slightly different perspective … like Alice standing before the looking glass … where I compose my dark, curious tales.

So whether you are friend or foe, hold out a net or a camera, I welcome each of you to the ledge of reality. But be prepared … it is dangerously narrow.

I suggest you put a net under this page, as I will be adding some new writing with each story I climb. I invite each of you to join me and experience an introspective view of the world below.

I’d love to hear from you. I still get e-mails, even up here. Contact me: drew@drewannese.com